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We help people rebuild their credit scores by correcting inaccuracies on their credit reports and raising their CIBIL Transunion score.

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The Importance of CIBIL Report

It’s not easy building up a good financial reputation. Your current bad credit record can haunt you for years and ruin countless opportunities that come your way – unless you know how to fix it.

Credit Consultant offers services that help you manage your current risk or eliminate it. Our professionals will be there with you every step of the way, until we reach success

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Our Core Service is only CIBIL Correction

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There are 4 credit bureaus Trans Union 


No CIBIL Report Can be Positive if Dues are cleared

Absolutely Yes If updated wrongly 

Your On time Payments will only help 

Business Loan Application Evaluated & Disbursement on CIBIL MSME RANKING 

Educational Loan Do’s and Don’ts

  Education is given a lot of importance in India. Every year hundreds of thousands of students compete for the seats in the top colleges across the country as well as overseas. There are many meritorious students that are able to secure seats in some of the best institutes but are unable to arrange the funds for the college fee, etc. This is where education loans can be of great help. If you are about to apply for a student loan, then make sure you know about the Do’s and Don’ts of the same: Do Start Looking Without Delay As soon as you

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Enjoy Better Interest Rates if you are Credit Healthy

  Your credit score is the main determinant of your credit health. Lenders take it as basis for determining your loan payment potential, your character and any collateral in taking decision of lending money to you. Credit card companies use it to determine the kinds of interest rates and fees to be offered on different credit cards. Specially, if you have good credit scores then you can command lowest interest rates on your mortgages, personal loans, auto loans etc. Thus, it is important to get all discrepancies out of your credit report. If you don’t know how to improve credit score, you

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Good CIBIL Score & Benefits From Banks

Its a real big task when it comes in improving your credit score and maintaing it once u achieve the benchmark. If the score is built nicely from very start, and maintained the same repayment schedules, it not possible only that one can not get the graphs up. It that case, one need not worry about anything. But, if one is not responsible in the repayments, has been constantly irregular, the scores go on toss. It is then very difficult to get you graph up. However, it is difficult and not impossible. Once you have Low CIBIL Score, it is then

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How Credit Cards Impact Credit Score?

Credit cards have become quite common today. Thanks to the government which is constantly pushing digital economy, cashless payment systems like mobile wallets, mobile banking, and credit/debit cards are now used by a large number of people. This is because they can use the cards to shop online, avail discounts and cashback perks, build credit score, and more. However, there are certain risks with the cards too. The way you use your credit cards has a huge impact on your credit rating. So, if you are not careful, then the rating can go down really fast. To prevent that from happening, you

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